Zeus Maximus
Personal Info
Real Name Zeus Maximus
Kanji ゼウスマクシムス
Romaji Zeusumakushimusu
Birthday Oct 13th
Age 65
Gender Male
Height 180.34 cm
Weight 75 kg
Player Profile
Display Name Zeus
Kanji (Display) ゼウス
Romaji (Display) Zeusu
Epithet God of Thunder
VR Played SAO
Affiliation League of the Legendary Heroes
Status Decreased
Voice Actor Sean Hennigani

Zeus Maximus is the leader of the League of the Legendary Heroes and his level was the God level from the movie of SAO and the only goal that he needs to do is destroy the Demon Dragon Knight and the Samantha the Succubus and tried to tell Floyd and Ken to Join the guild is a complete failure.

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