WARNING! Contains Spoilers

Zerzogh, the Lord Orc
Boss Info
Name Zerzogh, the Lord Orc
Kanji セルソグ トエ ロルド オルク
Romanji Serusogu toe rorudo oruku
Epithet The Black Orc
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Floor 34 Dungeon Entrance(former)
Quest Grand Quest
Weapon Mace
Item Drop Unknown
Status Defeated

Zerzogh, the Lord Orc is a field boss of the 34th floor floor and and a high memmber of Cerdic's Army. He is the commander of the goblins and orcs, and rides a large warg, a beast which is the combination of a wolf and a bear.


Zerzogh is a black large orc of 2 meters tall. He has white long hair coming out from the back of his head. His body is totally black and covered with scars. He wears a brown lioncloth and same color forearm protectors and boots.


It was the boss at the entrance of the 34th floor dungeon. Cerdic found it before the players got into that place, and managed to give intelegence to it, becoming one of his sub officers. He took part o the attack at a village at the same floor, capturing lots of players and taking others as prisoners others, Kana and Diana among them.


  • HP:?
  • Main Equipment:
    • Mace
One handed Mace Two Handed Mace Strenght Leather Equipment Parry
? / 1000
? / 1000
? / 1000
? / 1000
? / 1000
Battle Healing Hant to Hand combat
? / 1000
? / 1000

Known Challengers


  • Several players on the attack on a village.
  • Several players on the battle of Ayres.


  • He is based on Azog, an orc from the book The Hobbit, from J.R.R. Tolkien.