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Zeroth Knights
Guild Info
Kanji Zの騎士ゼロスナイツ
Romaji Zerosu Naitsu
VRMMORPG AlfHeim Online
Founder ???
Focus ???
Base of Operations Each race's hometown
Status Active

Zeroth Knight is a title given to the wielder of Zeroth Dragon. Each of them will be collectively known as Zeroth Knight of their dragon's title.



During the event "Descent of the Destruction God", players not and never associated to the races' governing circle (Lord, Council and other Trusted members), but not banished, is placed randomly on a list of candidates. Only a player from each race, at random, may be selected as a candidate.

After being selected, the selected player must confirm the selection via in-game mailbox within 24 real world hour, or the selection will be invalid. The chosen player may also refuse the selection, and thus, repick the candidate and removing the refuser's name from the list.

Once all 9 players have confirmed their selection, they will receive their Zeroth Dragon's power, and a guide on its mechanic, all at the same time.


Firstly, due to being a power for each race, if a Zeroth Knights' act seems to bring harm to a race (betrayal of owns race, etc.) The Lord of that player's race may revoke their Zeroth Knight's power, and they system will find another candidate.

To balance the immense power of all races, if a Zeroth Knight is not online for long time, without any notice to the race's officials, their status will also be revoked.


Zeroth Knights have only one ability: Calling upon the power of their Zeroth Dragon with the quote "Zeroth Force, Manifest!". However, this power alone rivals, or even surpassing floor bosses. Each of their abilities differ, ranging from massive boost to one or multiple allies, into total destruction of enemies.

Due to the tremendous power of Zeroth Force, their use is limited to once every 5 real world days. Also, they cannot be used during boss raid.

Zeroth Shard

If a non-Zeroth Knight managed to defeat a Zeroth Knight, they will be rewarded with a fragment of the defeated Dragon's ability, in a form of "Zeroth Shard". Each Shard's power can only be used once every 24 real-world hour. They take up item slots (but they will stack together, the user will have to pick which one to apply after selecting the stack)

List of Zeroth Knights

Name Race Title Zeroth Dragon
TBD Salamander Inferno Drachma
Cynnic Undine Distant Sea Megiddo
TBD Lepurchan Death Star Stark
Sylph Death Garden Zoa
Imp Demise Dust
Gnome Zenith Ultima
Pooka Decree Amagod
Cait Sith Wilderness Bartz
Spriggan Distortion Wist


  • Taken from Cardfight!! Vanguard
  • There are 6 canon Zeroth Dragons. The other three is added in oreder to balance the game.
  • Originally, the creator of this idea, planned to remove Spriggan's Zeroth Dragon due to an identity already possess a great power. But the idea is ultimately kept.
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