This skill, Zero Shift, is property of Ishimura Elite.

In Sword Art Online: Clashing Blades, Zero Shift is a unique skill developed solely by Ishi. It allows him to quickly move from point to point in a battlefield at blinding, near teleportation speed. This gives Ishi an extreme advantage against most opponents, allowing him to close the distance and deliver decisive strikes extremely quickly, without giving the enemy a chance to parry or dodge. Extensive training in his skill assures that it requires no charge time, allowing Ishi to use it indefinitely to easily overpower any enemy.

In Sword Art Online: Blade Master, Zero Shift functions in the same way as in Clashing Blades, allowing Ishi to traverse distances nearly instantaneously, giving Ishi a superior speed advantage.

Ishi is still 'physical' mid-shift, so he can still be stopped or hurt whilst using Zero Shift.



This skill, Zero Shift, is property of 1caiser.

Zero Shift
Skill Info
Kanji ゼロ・シーフト
Romaji Zero Shiift
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Category Weapon Skill, Unique Skill
User(s) Unknown
Appears in Sword Art Online: The Rain in our Souls

Zero Shift appears in Sword Art Online: The Rain in our Souls as the Unique Weapon Skill that is bestowed upon the player who has traversed the most distance, on foot, in Aincrad, in conjunction to a Completed «Sprint» Skill.


This Unique Skill doubles the possible distance of all of the user's Dash-type Sword Skills, and allows the use of Sword skills exclusive to the Zero Shift Unique Skill.

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