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Zeltran Star
Guild Info
Kanji ゼルトラン
Romaji Zerutoran
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Sacred Clock Online
Mage's Tower
Founder Yzjdriel
Focus Clearing
Base of Operations The Loft
Status active


The Zeltran Star is the emblem on the only piece of clothing Yzjdriel has from his grandfather. He doesn't know what it means, but it has come to symbolize the code and creed of his guild.


The guild was founded by Yzjdriel to be a "fun times" guild, but as events progressed, they did take an active role in helping to clear the game.

After SAO was cleared, the guild just picked up and moved to the fledgling Sacred Clock Online. While in SCO, their focus was to flesh out the maps of newly-discovered dimensions.

After the release of Windypool, the guild moved again.

When Mage's Tower was released, the guild moved again, but Yzjdriel stayed behind to continue to help low-level players.

When New Aincrad was added to ALO, Yzjdriel sent a message to the rest of his old guild, and they all converted to ALO and went into New Aincrad. After rebuilding the Loft, the guild reformed and began spamming the Floor 23 boss to regain their feel for SAO.

Currently, they make lazy runs at dungeons that have already been cleared, make casual forays into Aincrad War politics (usually siding with the KOB, since Yzjdriel has a great mutual respect for Kirito), and host the occasional trans-guild party at The Loft.

The guild is currently looking into End War Online as a potential conversion after New Aincrad reaches a certain societal state (i.e. a general state of peace and a number of floors cleared).


The Loft is an extremely well-hidden safe zone where the guild has its base.

Known Members


The story of the guild from before SAO to their beginnings in SCO is contained in the story Sword Art Online: Zeltran.

Notable Achievements



The Loft is a unique area in that it is the only safe zone whose whereabouts are not public knowledge.

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