Weapon Info
Kanji 斬月
Romaji Zangetsu
VRMMORPG Hazard ReBurst
Weapon Type Resonance Catalyst Spear
Enhanced Heavy Spear
Quest Awaken Thy Catalyst
Obtained/Made By Player-Generated

Zangetsu is Haruko Amachi's Resonance Catalyst and personal melee weapon in Hazard ReBurst, given to her during her Avatar's creation after the system modified the data of her EBO avatar and provided her a melee weapon to use. When combined with Getsumei, the heavy energy spear Gesshoku is formed, allowing Haruko to wield a devastating and heavy mid-range weapon.



Zangetsu is a simple, Naginata-style spear with a shortsword-style spear blade measuring 45 centimeters and a spear-shaft length of 180 centimeters. It features a metallic alloy composition crafted using ancient forging techniques with additional futuristic touches to allow it better competition against the energy spears used in Hazard ReBurst. The blade itself is reinforced with a thin layer of shadow energy empowered by Rotational energy, allowing it to defend against energy weapons if needed.


When Haruko slides Zangetsu's shaft into the space between Getsumei's barrel and magazine, she begins the union of her weapons. The energy production around the spear's blade is put in overdrive, creating a stable energy blade made of pure shadow energy and imbued with Rotational power for an oscillating blade with superior cutting ability. The rifle body compacts and disperses itself to create a heavier spear body, with the rifle trigger repurposed into a trigger that can increase the energy output in the blade to enhance the spear-blade's dimensions or power as needed.

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