After all of the whole punishing myself...I nearly forgot the promise that I made before this game started. So...there's no way in hell I'm dying here.
~ Yuuta's New resolve to Survive
The White Swordsman
Teenage Xemen

The Child Genius
Personal Info
Name Yuuta Kannagi
Kanji ヤーッター・キャナッジー
Romanji Yatta Kyanazjii
Birthday July 24, 2007
Age 15 (Beginning of Aincrad Arc)

17 (End of Aincrad Art, Fairy Dance Arc)

Gender Male
Eyes Ice Blue
Hair Snow White
Place of Residence Kannagi Mansion
Occupation Sword Art Online Administrator (Former)
Family Yuu Kannagi (Father)

Yumi Kannagi (Mother-Deceased)

Minako Nakagawa (Stepmother)

Masako Kannagi (Half-Sister)

Player Profile
Display Name Vali
Epithet The White Swordsman

White Death

VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online

Alfiem Online

Previous Occupation Solo Player (Former)
Partner Kirito
Status Alive
Unique Skill Meteor Swordsman (SAO Unique Skill)
Unique Weapon Harusame (SAO Weapon)

Yuuta Kannagi is one of the survivors of Sword Art Online . He was one of the Second Administrator who helped Kayaba Akihiko design the Cardinal System and Sword Art Online, but with no knowledge of what he was planning.


Sword Art Online

Yuuta's default character was a grown teenager with white hair and red eyes wearing the base equipment for a new player. After Kayaba started his death game Yuuta's character changed to his normal snow white hair and ice cold blue eyes. During the last round of the game Yuuta's equipment was a white trench coat, black undershirt with silver lining and pants.

Alfheim Online

His original character design was a Sylph with blonde hair and green eyes, but after a short glitch in the system his hairstyle changed to match his character's design and stats from Sword Art Online.

Real Life

Since he was a child Yuuta always had unusually snow white hair and ice cold blue eyes, this was because of his mother's Scandinavian heritage. His usual clothing is a white shirt with black lines and black pants.


Through first meeting Yuuta people would turn the other way because of his ice blue eyes would pierce through people's souls. But through talking to him he's actually confident in himself, athletic, but he's not outgoing. After meeting Kirito and the others, Yuuta has become more and more outgoing than he was before.


Yuuta was born to Yuu Kannagi the owner of EON, one of the highest innovative companies in the world. But his father worked for get his company where it was now. His mother was a women who was half-Japanese and half-Scandinavian. She shares the same hair color and eyes color as him, Yuuta's mother always read him stories about Norse Mythology. Yuuta's favorite story was about Vali, a powerful Norse God who was destined to survive Ragnarok.

But years later, his mother died because of an illness and because of Yuuta's resemblance to his mother his father began ignoring him. Yuuta's father later remarried to a nurse who worked in a Hospital in Japan. They later had a daughter named Masako. After being completely knocked of their new life Yuuta started getting into Online Games and Programming to get away from the real world.

He joined a Kendo Dojo when he was around ten and later met up with Suguha Kirigaya, who was eight. Years later, after winning a gaming tournament Yuuta met up with Kayaba Akihiko who knew his father from childhood. Kayaba later became like an older brother to Yuuta, and he asked for his assistance in building Sword Art Online. After months of working together, they finally finished the Beta Version of Sword Art Online.

After enrolling in the Beta Testing, Yuuta met up with Kazuto, in game name Kirito. After the Beta Testing was other both of them started hanging out with each other in the real world. After the death game started, he started blaming himself from not seeing the intentions the Kayaba had towards building Sword Art Online. And so he spent every waking moment training up his Sword Skill and Supporting Skill to challenge final Boss. But after dying «Special Quest» with Kirito and other, he started calming himself down and enjoyed the current life that he had with his teammates.



Sword Art Online

  • Level: 100
  • HP: 20000

Main Equipment

  • «Muramasa»
  • «Clock of Fallen»
  • «Harusame»


Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online Skills
One-Handed Curved Blade Katana Martial Arts Meditation Parry
Battle Healing Tracking Hiding Sprint Extended Weight Limit
Light Metal Equipment Meteor Sword Acrobatics Straining Fighting Spirit

Sword Skills

Meteor Blades

  • «Meteor Shower»
  • «Meteor Destroyer»