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Yoshiro Kazuki
Personal Info
Real Name Yoshiro Kazuki
Kanji 森一樹
Gender Male
Height 188 cm (6'2")
Weight 78 kg (172 lbs.)
Player Profile
Display Name Shirozuki
Kanji (Display) 白心緒
VR Played «Sword Art Online»
Occupation Clearer
Affiliation «Brightscale»
Status Alive
Appears In «Sword Art Online (Kenji)»

Yoshiro Kazuki (森一樹), known by the username Shirozuki (白心緒) but preferring the shorthand Shiro (白), was one of the 10,000 players trapped in «Sword Art Online». He was a founding member of a Clearer guild called «Brightscale».


Yoshiro was the tallest initial member of «Brightscale»,[Notes 1] has brown-coloured eyes,[1] and sports unusually long red-coloured hair which is usually styled in a tight braid that rests on his right-shoulder.[2] As a Tank he predominately wore heavy armor.[3]

Suit of the Exile

Yoshiro's first unique set of armor was classified as «Heavy Metal Armor» as far as the system was concerned, but the «Suit of the Exile» was actually constructed from «bones» and various leather drops from the 2nd Floor.[4] It was lighter than contemporary metal armors and was a form-fitting design allowing for ease of movement despite its armor-class, with a skeletal appearance. The helmet was the most visually unique piece of the entire set: it featured two forward-pointing horns and a T-visor slit.[5] By the time his team completed the first chapter of the «Elf War» campaign quest Yoshiro had adopted a short cape that extended to the base of his shoulder-blades and fell about his upper-chest, which he received as a drop from the «Fallen Elf Commander».[1]


Kenji described Yoshiro as a dependable guy despite only knowing him for a few hours at the time. He also suspected that Yoshiro had younger sisters based on how easily he interacted with Momoko and Akiye.[2] Not only could he calm them down when they where scared but he was also fit to keep them entertained by telling them stories of their various adventures.[6] In everyday interactions Yoshiro is a disciplined man who rarely bows to pressure, and works exceptionally well in raid-settings with Kusaka.[7] He is tolerant of others, shows genuine concern for other peoples well-fare, and doesn't hesitate to interpose himself between his allies and dangerous opponents.[1]



Main article -- Sword Art Online (Kenji).

Aincard arc





Stat Value Time
Level 9.[2] Morning of December 7th, 2022.[2]
Level 10.[2] Evening of December 7th, 2022.[2]
Level 12.[6] In the week between December 8th and December 14th, 2022.[6]
Level 14.[1] Achieved as of December 24th, 2022.[1]



Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Unnamed sword» One-Handed Sword Initial Equipment Replaced by Kenji's Anneal Blade on the morning of December 7th, 2022.[2]
«Anneal Blade» One-Handed Sword Given to Yoshiro on the morning of December 7th, 2022, by Kenji.[2] No enhancements made as of December 7th, 2022.[2]
Upgraded to +5 (4D1S) between the 15th and 17th of December, 2022.[8]


Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Unnamed armor» Medium Metal Armor Initial Equipment Replaced by Kusaka's old «Iron Armor» on the morning of December 7th, 2022.[2]
«Iron Armor» Heavy Metal Armor Given to Yoshiro on the morning of December 7th, 2022, by Kusaka.[2] Included gloves and boots and worn by Yoshiro as of December 7th, 2022.[2] Replaced between the 15th and 17th of December, 2022.[8]
«Iron Shield» Shield Already in Yoshiro's possession as of December 7th, 2022.[2] Not enhanced.[2]
Replaced by the «Bull Hoplon» on December 14th, 2022.[6]
«Bull Hoplon» Shield Received as the «LA Bonus» from Zagan the Exile on December 14th, 2022.[6] Provides +4 to Strength.[6]
Enhances the effectiveness of the «Howl» Skill.[6]
«Suit of the Exile» Heavy Metal Armor Player-made for Yoshiro by Akiye using materials from «Zagan the Exile» and various other rare materials.[8] The «Suit of the Exile» was the name of the entire set and comprised the «Body of the Exile», «Arms of the Exile», «Feet of the Exile» and «Helm of the Exile».[8]
+14 Strength.[8]
+22 Vitality.[8]
Resistance to Paralysis.[8]
«Swordsman Short Cape» Cape Drop from the «Fallen Elf Commander» on the 3rd Floor.[1]


Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Unnamed Strength ring» Ring Received December 19th, 2022,[8] as a reward for the «Jade Key» quest.[9] Grants +1 to Strength.[9]


Yoshiro is a sword'n'board Tank.[3] In normal situations from the 3rd Floor onward this meant he was Kenji's damage sponge, but in raid-party settings he and Kusaka showed the necessary discipline to pull off flawless aggro switches for potion rotation.[7] He initially had Medium Metal Armor but switched to Heavy Metal Armor when Kusaka offered his old set of «Iron Armor» to him.[2] On the battlefield he maintains a cool head and is capable of quickly formulating unorthodox strategies in the heat of the moment.[6] He also fights to a very high standard and possesses a high level of player skill.[1]

Sword Art Online

One-handed Sword Heavy Metal Armor[Notes 2] Howl Shield
152 / 1000
148 / 1000
167 / 1000
134 / 1000

Sword Skills

One-handed Sword
  • Rage Spike -- a basic one-handed upward-pointing slash attack from the right.[6]
  • Sharp Nail -- a three-hit combination attack.[1]
  • Shield Bash -- a Sword Skill using the owner's shield which comprises a single blow, akin to a backhand strike, which deals bludgeoning damage. Has an inherent knock-back effect.[1]
Tanking Skills
  • Howl -- the Tank's bread and butter skill and Yoshiro's main aggro-building Skill.[6] By the time Kenji, Airi and he challenged the «Fallen Elf Commander» on the 3rd Floor, Yoshiro was fit to target multiple targets with his «Howl» thanks to a Mod.[1]

Supplementary Skills

Outside System Skills

  • Shield Lift -- an unorthodox action using one's shield and Strength stat in conjunction. Employed by Yoshiro and Kenji to allow for Kenji to reach Zagan the Exile's weak-point at the end of their battle, with Yoshiro providing a platform to jump off and heaving the moment Kenji's foot impacted his shield.[6]

Author's notes

Behind the scenes

  • Yoshiro's height and weight measurements, including physical appearance, is modelled on Renji Abarai from Bleach.


References & notes



  1. Yoshiro is 188cm (6'2") tall whilst the closest to him -- Kenji -- is 183 cm (6'0").
  2. Heavy Metal Armor replaced Medium Metal Armor on December 7th, 2022.
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