White 2h sword detail
Item Info
Name Winterthorn
Kanji Same
Romaji Same
Epithet None
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online, New ALfheim Online
Location Quest
Quest Whiteout War
Dropped By Gehenna Devil
Item Type One Handed Sword
Sub-type None
Status Acquired

Winterthorn is a weapon in Sword Art Online and it is owned by Bellator. It is a Drop Item attained when landing the Last Attack on the quest, "Whiteout War". It gains its name for being almost entirely white.


The hilt is blue and the pommel is white. The blade itself it also white, the shoulder of it in a different shape than the rest of the blade. At the bottom half of the blade, it seperates from the center, allowing the user to entrap other swords within it and disarm them.


This weapon was rewarded to the person who landed the Last Attack on the Gehenna Devil, the main boss for the quest, "Whiteout War"


One Handed Sword

  • Range: Close Range
  • Type: Slash, Lunge, Parry
  • Attack: 990
  • Weight: 100
  • Durability: 200

Known Users

  • Bellator
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