VRMMO Information
Developer Indepenn Dextera (Whizad)
Release Date 19 June 2033
Genre RPG
Usable Hardware NerveGear, Amusphere, Halcyisphere


Windypool.0 is the result of ID's ingenuity. While not listed on the official list of Xhilatren games, it is still considered a part of the series.

The games Windypool and WindypooII were combined upon the release of WindypooII: both games now operate in the same setting, but have separate engines.

Players cannot access any features added in the second game without first completing the first game and progressing to the second. However, they cannot be harmed by any entity, item, or function in the second game. Players from both games may interact and trade items common to both games. This is easily accomplished, as both games are set in exactly the same place.



Windypool.0 is the first game in which two games in a series were combined to form a larger whole that interacts with itself.

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