VRMMO Information
Developer Indepenn Dextera (Whizad)
Release Date 15 July 2030
Genre RPG
Usable Hardware NerveGear, Amusphere, Halcyisphere


Windypool is the fourth game in the Xhilatren cycle, and together with its sequel WindypooII forms Windypool.0.

An oversized, magical waterspout (tornado that forms over water) sits at the center of a lake. The object of the game is to reach the eye of the swirling tower of water and clear the dungeon that it hides, and thus collect the supposed treasure that lies within.

Reviews for this game were mostly positive, the only negatives being the lack of player-v-player conflict as part of the natural course of the game.

  • "Very scenic map, even if it's a bit small." - three stars
  • "The waterspout is impenetrable! How is this supposed to be fun?" - two stars
  • "I guess it was too much to expect all the games after Skartran to have multiple factions..." - three stars
  • "This dungeon is perfectly designed!" - five stars
  • "I like how you can choose to leave the dungeon mid-raid and keep your loot rather than press on to the next floor." - four stars
  • "Another original idea for a game from these guys! Good show lads!" - four stars
  • "The dungeon is perfectly calibrated to player level. Not too easy, but not unfair either. Well done devs!" - five stars
  • "I wish there was built-in pvp outside of duels." - three stars
  • "I don't mind the lack of pvp so much now that I found the way into the dungeon. This is fun!" - five stars


The map is about half-land and half-water, with mountains, forests, plains, and a large desert surrounding the entire rest of the map. The lake is fed and drained by a pair of rivers.

Magic exists in Windypool, but dedicated mages aren't a viable class. The magic in the game is solely support-type spells like healing and damage augmentation. Players who want to play support find themselves in need of combat skills comparable to tanks and mids, but the intuitive magic engine keeps their loyalty to the game.

So far, only three ways have been found into the eye of the waterspout, but the developers say there are at least seven. A prize pool is running for the player who finds the next way in.



The waterspout is the size of a small town in diameter, and it is impossible to see through it.

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