VRMMO Information
Developer Indepenn Dextera (Whizad)
Release Date 17 June 2033
Genre RPG
Usable Hardware NerveGear, Amusphere, Halcyisphere


WindypooII is the seventh game in the Xhilatren cycle, and the sequel to Windypool. Together, the games make Windypool.0.

Both games are set in exactly the same place. Players access the features, items, and additional locations included in WindypooII by clearing the dungeon in Windypool.

Upon completing the first game, players find that the "treasure" at the end of the dungeon is in fact a bracelet that, when equipped, grants access to the second game, denotes a player to other players in Windypool.0 that they have progressed to the second game, and allows them to enter the WindypooII-only areas.


  • "This sequel was no surprise; the surprise was how it interacts with its predecessor." - four stars
  • "Thank God for the sequel: now we can finally beat the Tier 77 boss." - five stars
  • "Well, now we know why the boss on Tier 77 was so hard. Can't wait to get into the thick of the second game." - four stars
  • "It's about damn time this came out. I was getting sick of Tier 77's impossible boss." - three stars
  • "I'm okay with the difficulty of the Tier 77 boss because I only got to it three days before they announced WindypooII, so the second game came at the perfect time for me." - five stars
  • "I really like how the combination of the two games makes it worthwhile for the players still in Windypool to farm item quests." - five stars


The game itself plays exactly like its predecessor. However, the goal has obviously changed. After completing the dungeon, players learn of the "true" dungeon: a castle hidden in the cloud at the top of the Windypool. They are tasked with gearing up for an assault on the castle by killing high-level monsters hidden in small, secluded areas around the lake. At the end of the castle dungeon sits the throne room of the Storm Mage, the magician who created the Windypool in the first place. No one knows why he did so, or if he even knows that players have been clearing the dungeon in the center of of the whirlwind.



The first sequel produced by ID, this game continues the tradition of innovation with every game.

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