Element Info
Romaji Kaze
Classification Prime Elements
Race Avians
Opposed Element Earth

Wind is one of the six Prime Elements and a form of Elemental Bending in Endless Utopia Online.



Wind can be manipulated through the usage of Aera, by making it as thin and quick as possible.

Wind focuses on speed and evasion, focusing on the fact that a strong defense becomes a strong offense. Its strength relies on it's dynamic and flexible style that makes the element useful almost in all situations. Wind-Users are able to repel multiple attackers with strong gusts of Wind. However, Wind lacks an aggressive personality, relying more on defensive moves, and therefore the attacks that could kill a player are rare and very advanced. Only Wind Masters are known to be able to precisely defeat and kill multiple opponents at the same time.


  • Flexibility: it's arguably stated that Wind is the most flexible of all the Prime elements.


  • Lack of aggressiveness: due to the lack of aggressiveness of the element, Wind-users are rarely able to kill a player. Nevertheless, when applied correctly and by an experienced player, Wind can be as lethal as any other Element.

Relationships with other Elements


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