Monster Info
Name Whittleback
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Blackbark Wood
Quest A Father's Woe
Weakness Underbelly

This was not what he'd expected. The name Whittleback inspired the image of a placid, if slightly intimidating herbivore. What stood before him was a moving mountain of armoured flesh and frenzied rage.

The «Whittleback» is a large quadrupedal beast unique to the 25th floor of Aincrad. It is only found within the confines of the Blackbark Wood. The «Whittleback Alpha» is the final boss monster of the quest «A Father's Woe».

This beast appears in the fan fiction Misfortune Made Her Sword.


The Whittleback is a large, quadrupedal beast. It's body is covered head to toe in hard scales coloured a dull ashy brown. It gets its name from the numerous large protrusions erupting down the length of its back and tail. Although most end in dull points, some are razor sharp, though these tend to collect around the beast's neck and on the underside of its throat. The Whittleback has a small head and a short snout, of which its mouth takes up nearly half. The mouth is filled with double rows of razor sharp teeth. It has a soft, vulnerable underbelly.

The average Whittleback measures in at about 130 cm at the withers and is about 7 meters total in length. A Whittleback Alpha is notably larger, measuring in at just under 2 meters, and over 12 meters total in length.


Misfortune Made Her Sword



All Whittlebacks sport a single health bar. The stats of a Whittleback Alpha are scaled up considerably from its regular counterpart.

Known Attacks:

  • Venomous Bite - The Whittleback bites down on whatever is in front of it, be it an arm, a leg, or a whole player. A direct hit on a limb will sever it, leaving the player with a Dismembered status. Any successful attack also afflicts the player with the Poisoned status ailment. The Whittleback Alpha inflicts a Badly Poisoned status with this attack.
  • Thrash - When the Whittleback's health drops below half, the beast will thrash about in place for a few seconds. During this time its health is locked and it cannot be damaged, but it can still harm any players close enough to be struck by a stray swipe or random swing of its tail.
  • Stomp - Players attacking from the front will be met with heavy swipes and stomps from the Whittleback's clawed front feet.
  • Rag doll - Players unlucky enough to be caught bodily by the Whittleback's Venomous Bite now have a chance to be caught in a follow up attack. When the majority of the player's body is in the Whittleback's mouth, the creature will proceed to pick them up off the ground and whip them around, much like a rag doll. They will be thrown aside after a few seconds.
  • Kick - Players attacking the Whittleback from behind are met with a hard kick from one of its rear legs.
  • Whittle 'em Down - The Whittleback lowers itself close to the ground and spins in place, lashing out at players with whip crack of its bludgeoning tail.


  • Number unconfirmed
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