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Scourging Beast
Personal Info
Real Name Unknown
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 2mts
Weight 90kg
Family Stur (Brother)
Player Profile
Display Name Whipper
Kanji (Display) ウィパー
Romaji (Display) Wipā
Epithet "Scourging Beast"
VR Played Sword Art Online
New ALfheim Online
ALO Race Gnome
Occupation Player Killer
Affiliation [[w:c:swordartonline:Laughing Coffin|]]
The League of Darkness Knights
Status Alive
Appears In Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes
Sword Art Online: New Aincrad

~ Whipper

Whipper is a player killer, former player of SAO, and then from New ALO. He was formerly member of Laughing Coffin, and now is member of The League of Darkness Knights.


Sword Art Online

He wears trademark clothes of Laughing Coffin and had a mask covering his face. He wielded two long metal whips.

New ALfheim Online Avatar

Whipper's avatar is a two-meter tall Gnome, with blond hair and grey eyes. He is always seen wearing his armor, Shibari. Sometimes, he covers his body with a dark brown cloak.


While all of the members of The League of Darkness Knights have sworn undying loyalty to Mordread, Whipper is the most outwardly loyal of them by a huge margin. He typically berates his much more casual colleagues and is considered to be Mordread's, right-hand man.

Whipper displays a confident side while fighting, enjoying the pain he inflicts on his enemies and testing what their true power is.


Most of his background is unknown. He was trapped in SAO alongside the other 10000 players. He joined Laughing Coffin at some moment. After the game was cleared, he joined new ALO, and continued being close to Mordread, as the very first member of his guild, alongside him.



He was Mordread's first right-hand man in SAO and ALO. He has sworn his ultimate loyalty to him, and his job is to enforce her rules. His thoughts seem to center around pleasing him, and he never hesitates to follow his commands.


Whipper always bullied his brother. Stur developed absolute fear towards his brother, and always does as he commands. Whipper is the only one capable of keeping his brother in the line. Without him, there would be almost no way of stopping Stur's wrath.

Other members of The League of Darkness Knights

His attitude toward his fellow comrades is very authoritarian, except, of course, Mordread.He typically berates his much more casual colleagues.




In terms of fighting, Whipper makes honor to his name. He fights with long whips on both hands and several also entrusted to his armor. He relies mostly on slashing, grabbing, and constantly whipping his opponents, keeping them distanced from him. His strategy would be "The good offense is the best defense". He uses a constant barrage of attacks, not let his opponent get close to him avoiding all attacks and make them tired until he kills them.

Still if the enemy passes thought his near impenetrable range, he still has to face his skills in hand to hand combat and his hard armor covering great part of his body. His relies on his brute force and using his arms to crush his enemies to death. Whipper is also a skilled earth magician.

New ALfheim Online

  • Level: 95
  • HP: 18500
  • MP: 900

Main Equipment


Whip Hand-to-hand Combat Heavy metal equipment Light metal equipment Battle Healing
Acrobatics Sprint Searching Tracking Detection
500 / 1000
700 / 1000
950 / 1000
980 / 1000
890 / 1000
900 / 1000


  • Whipper is based on Ira Gamagōri and Whiplash from Marvel Comics.
  • Whipper skills with metal whips somehow resemble the ones of the Metalbending Police Force in Avatar: The Legend of Korra.
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