Eleven months after the game started, Adelle had been granted the Unique Skill Weapon Shift, as well as the sword Durendal and its scabbard, for being the beta tester at the highest level durng the closed beta. Weapon Shift consists of changing the weapon’s appearance, and it’s attributes. The highest the skill goes, the more form the weapon gets. Once a form is unlocked, it is always usable

Low Level Form

Giant Form: 0 - 250


Doubles the attack of the weapon, as well as the weight. Ups strength by 100 but decrease agility by 50. Also takes away the ability to use the scabbard as a shield. Best against heavily armored opponent. Two Handed Sword set of skills is used, based on her level with one handed Sword.

Mid-Low Level Form

Bow Form: 251 - 500


Combines the Sword and Scabbard to for a long bow, with samll blades on each end. Gives the ability to shoot an arrow, with a small delay between each shot as the arrow need to form itself. Also enhance the user’s sight, and can strike from 50 meters. Ups Dexterity by 80, but half defence.

Mid-High Level Form

Whip-Sword Form: 501 - 750

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A mix of the first two form. Has a range of 8 meters, and gets a bonus of ½ the attack of the weapon.  Ups agility, dexterity and strenght by 50, but cuts defence by 1/3. This form gets the skill set of One Handed Curved Blade.

High Level Form

Flame of Purification: 751 - 1000


Adds the flame of purification to the weapon. It can be applied to any form. Lowers oponent’s defence by 20%