Weapon Redirection
Skill Info
Kanji ウェポン・リーディアレクシュン
Romaji Weapon Redirection
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Category Extra skill
User(s) Will
Appears in Band of Brothers


This skill is an extra skill that requires a soft weapon for use and upgrades from Cancellation. Throws, a few Cancellation-based moves, disarms, weapon locks and choke outs are the staple of this skill set. It allows a user to use the entire potential of the soft weapon to stop those with bigger and badder items. Lower statted players can now effectively take down those with more power and speed. It works best against humans and humanoids and isn’t effective against bosses or giant mob types. There are two major buffs that this skill uses to better take down enemies.


  • Right Moment - This is an active buff that triggers once a sword skill is aimed at the user. If the sword skill is a single-hit strike, the enemy’s skills will light up orange within the user’s view. When that occurs, a powerful buff is given. The sword skill attack appears to slow down in time, as if the move has decreased by 75% in performance speed. In reality, the user has gotten his reaction speed buffed just enough so that the attack appears to have slowed down. This will allow him to activate a skill to counter the attack. Of course, this is all relative to the speed of the attack. If the speed is still too fast, the user may not be swift enough to stop it. If a sword skill is a combo, the enemy will have one move within the combo that will light up orange to have the slowing effect triggered. This move will most likely be one that is integral in continuing the attack. There is a 20 second cooldown between triggers.
  • Dropping Giants - This is a passive buff that occurs for throws, disarms and weapon locks. When facing an enemy that is higher statted, for the one sword skill move, the user will gain a strength buff that is equivalent to 50% of the enemy’s stat. This gives the user just enough power to take on the enemy. Additionally, if the move is a throw, damage and impact is proportional to 50% of the enemy’s weight. Thus a bigger enemy will hurt more than a smaller enemy. The chance to inflict a random 5 second Stun is also increased to 25%.


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