Say, how long do you need to switch an item to another? Me? 2 second is enough.
~ Z-ARC, regarding Weapon Quickdraw
Weapon Quickdraw
Skill Info
Kanji 武器速引ウェパンクイックドロー
Romaji Wepan Kuikkudoroo
VRMMORPG AlfHeim Online

"Weapon Quickdraw", as the name suggest, is a skill that allows the player to quickly change weapon.


"Weapon Quickdraw" can be used if the user is equipped with something, and wish to change it to other items they own. The skill is activated by raising the hand with the item into the air and declaring "Change", the item will be dissolved and kept in an inventory. After that, from the inventory, the item desired by the user will appear in the user's hand, replacing the previous item.

In the case of changing 1 handed item(s) to 2 handed item. The user will have to raise both arms, and that 2 handed item will be equipped instead.



  • This skill is thought when I see the condition of "Changing weapon during battle requires long time."
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