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Warlords of the Sacred Blades
Warlords of the Sacred Blades
WSB's Symbol
Guild Info
VRMMORPG Phoenix Rising Online (former)

Sword Art Online

Founder Hugo Kamizono
Focus Clear all 100 Floors
Base of Operations 60th floor
Status working

  Warlords of the Sacred Blades was a Guild introduced in Sword Art Online: Warlords of The End (created by BeoBlade). Their Leader is Hiryu Kamizono and their goal is to clear all the 100 Floors and return to the real world.


WSB's symble is a Gauntlet-like short sword with 6 spears on its hilt (there are a total of 6 members on the team, so thats why). This sword is a redesigned version of Hugo's original blade on Phoenix Rising Online. When the guild met each other at Sword Art Online, the Symbol changd to a broken Blade. Also, its possible to see an Magician's circle.


The Guild was created by Hugo Kamizono, and was made to clear Phoenix Rising Online's missions, altough he couldn't spend much time on the game (more or less than 2 hours), Hugo always tried to convince Hiryu to join his Guild but Hiryu always was a Solo Player, and that caused his death and downgrade to a Fallen Warrior at least 3 times. When he lost his will to fight, the Guild helped him and he became its leader. This Guild only does missions when all the team is united, otherwise they will just spend their time on school or work. The Guild knows each other from School, Hugo and Hikari are the only adults on the team.


(Warlords of The End)

During this series, almost all members of WSB were trapped in Sword Art Online. After one year waiting, Hiryu, the Guild's leader then got his NerveGear and joined the game while Hugo took care of his body.


On Phoenix Rising Online, they are usually at "Earth's cradle", they have a common house (the house was rather cheap, so they only met there when they were going out on a mission). In Sword Art Online, their mansion is in Floor 60, and their house cost 1,000,000,000 Cor. The house have approximately 20 rooms and it can look a little old sometimes.

Known Members

  • Hugo Kamizono (1st leader, inactive, PRO-only Player)
  • Hiryu Kamizono (2nd leader, inactive, SAO Player)
  • Serena Sakurai (Active, SAO Player)
  • Hikari Kaneki (Craftsman, SAO Player)
  • Raiden (active, SAO Player)
  • Koji (active, SAO Player)
  • Bob (deceased, SAO Player)
  • Dwayne (deceased, PRO-only Player)

Notable Achievements

  • Cleared all Boss Missions in Phoenix Rising Online.
  • Got the ultimate blade, Vampire Possessor in Phoenix Rising Online
  • Being the first Guild to fight an Immortal Object.


Music Theme

Tokyo Ghoul OP Opening Full "unravel" (Engsub Vietsub)

Tokyo Ghoul OP Opening Full "unravel" (Engsub Vietsub)


  • BeoBlade's Fanfic, "Warlord of The End" have its title based on this Guild.
  • Their Sword Art Online's base costed the same amount of Cor as WoB's.
  • Almost all of the members of this Guild are Beaters who played the Beta version of the game, but Hiryu was the only one who thought that SAO was too easy.
  • Its possible to see "Warlords of the Sacred Blades" written in their Symbol's sword.
  • The Magician's circle on the Guild's Symbol is actually Dark Magician of Chaos' circle.
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