The Type 9 VT-7 is one of the HF Archetypes and is the primary weapon used by Yamato Haseo in End War Online. It is named Virtue.

Item Info
Name Type 9 VT-7
Romaji Toku
VRMMORPG End War Online


The Type 9 VT-7 is a custom built, one-of-a-kind high frequency katana. It is a specially made weapon designed to specialize in quickdraw techniques. It consists of a powerful high frequency katana and a special scabbard that contains an ignition switch, allowing for the blade to be shot out of the scabbard at high speed, allowing Yamato to perform extremely powerful and lighting fast quickdraws.

Exceed System

The Type 9 features a system that further increases the quickdraw capabilities of the blade. With this system he is able to reinforce the blade within the scabbard with higher frequency oscillations, as well as load additional ignition charges to launch the blade out with greater speed and power, but only for single quickdraws before the blade quickly returns to its normal power levels. The system can be split into multiple levels.

Exceed 1

The first level of Exceed, increasing the blade's cutting power and launch speed by double. It can be used freely without risk of damaging the weapon and Yamato has trained extensively with using Exceed 1 liberally.

Exceed 2

The second level of Exceed, increasing the blade's cutting power and launch speed by quadruple. It will not break the weapon outright, but minor maintenance will most likely be necessary afterwards. Yamato has a little trouble with using Exceed 2, causing him to either spin around multiple times after the quickdraw, or have the sword fly out of his hand outright. It also causes some discomfort for Yamato while charged as the increased vibrations of the blade travel through his arm.

Exceed 3

The third level of Exceed, increasing the blade's cutting power and launch speed by 10 times. It is highly experimental and was added as a last resort only. The scabbard would heat up to glowing hot temperatures and is highly likely to explode in the process of launching the sword, and that's if the sword itself doesn't immediately shatter from the high frequency oscillations running through the blade. Damage to Yamato himself is unavoidable in this case, as the blade vibrates at such a violent rate that it can tear his hand apart, in addition to the explosion of the blade launching in and of itself, as well as the resulting shrapnel coming from the scabbard and/or blade.

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