Vermilion Bird Impact
Skill Info
Kanji 朱雀インパクト
Romaji Suzaku inpakuto
Category Unique Skill
User(s) Rose Okumura


The Vermilion Bird Impact is an extremely powerful Unique Skill belonging to the player known as Sakura. It heavily involves the use of the element of Fire: in which that the user is engulfed in a flaming aura in the shape of a massive Phoenix as they barrel towards the opponent(s), wiping them out completely. This move is used as Sakura's finisher, as it has a complicated preparation process before it can be executed. The user must use their advanced sword combat and speed to get 50 or more continuous hits before leaping skyward and, holding their sword above them as they charge the attack, taking aim at the target. As the user surges down through the sky to the target at immense speed, they hold the sword out in front and are swallowed up by a humongous blazing aura with a shape that resembles a Phoenix, the mythical bird of fire. There are two versions: the single target hit, and the multi-target hit.


The Vermilion Bird Impact has two versions, or techniques, to it. One focuses on the attack of a single target, the other focuses on the attack of multiple targets.

  • Single Target Impact (単一のターゲットへの影響, Tan'itsu no tāgetto e no eikyō): As the name implies, this version focuses entirely on one person mainly.

    Vermilion Bird Impact's devastating power

    It is less powerful than the multi-target version, but equally as destructive. It also has a different appearance. When used, the user simple becomes a flowing stream of fire, almost like a meteor with a devastating force of impact.
  • Multiple Target Impact (複数のターゲットへの影響, Fukusū no tāgetto e no eikyō): It is what it says on the tin. It is a wide-spread version of the Single Target Impact. When activated, the user is covered in fire that takes the appearance of a massive bird of fire, a Phoenix if you will. The user barrels downwards towards a group/mob/etc. of opponents, and upon impacting the centre of the group, a colossally destructive wave of force and fire is generated in all directions, completely obliterating anyone and anything within 30 feet, and severely damaging anything beyond that.
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