The Type 2 RK-13 is a special high frequency blade in the form of a scythe. 

Item Info
Name Type 2 RK-13
Kanji 復讐
Romaji Fukushū
VRMMORPG End War Online


The Type 2 RK-13 is a unique, custom built scythe designed as a high-frequency blade, an incredibly rare type of high-frequency weapon, due to the extreme difficulty of creating them. It bears a plasma edge, which further enhances its cutting power, and making the weapon even more of an anomaly.

Reaper System

The Type 2 features the Reaper System, allowing the scythe to cast out high-energy plasma waves when swung, extending the weapon's range and allowing it to attack in extremely wide sweeps. The waves can also be condensed and focused to allow it to attack more distant targets.

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