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Personal Info
Real Name Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 1,70 mts
Weight 82kg
Player Profile
Display Name Valon
Kanji (Display) バロン
Romaji (Display) Baron
Epithet "Forth"
VR Played New ALO
ALO Race Leprechaun
Occupation Soldier
Affiliation The Supreme Legion
The League of Darkness Knights
The Band of the Nine
Status Alive
Appears In Sword Art Online: New Aincrad

Valon is a member of The League of Darkness Knights, of The Band of the Nine and The Supreme Legion. He's also the right-hand man of Thanos.


ALfheim Online Avatar:

Valon's usual outfit consists of typical biker clothing, modified by his mechanization. It including gloves and padding on his shoulders and elbows. His thick head of silver hair is styled in thick flares out in all directions and he possesses crystal brown eyes and a tanned complexion.

His arms are fully mechanized, along with most of his legs. On his back, he carries several firearms, including a cannon. Most of his dress is red, silver, black and blue. He has multiple cables coming from his back and his legs, where the information he processes is carried.


Valon cares most about his data than anything else. He is calm in heated situations and serving as a strategic battle-commander. It is hinted that he and Thanos are close friends.

Despite his training, he still underestimates the Rebels. While he respects their skills to a point, he is unable and unwilling to adapt, believing Legions skill will prevail.


He joined New ALO in 2025. He joined The League of Darkness Knights. Lyn became a member of The Band of the Nine. Once the Great Aincrad War started, he became a colonel for The Supreme Legion at the command of Thanos.


Valon lacks skill with a sword. But still, this is not his true power, he uses his abilities as a Leprechaun and has greatly modified this body to the resemblance of a machine. He analysis the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents by constantly watching and processing the all the data he can. He can analyze anything around him and prepare himself accordingly for the situation and possibility by processing the constant feed of data from his experience with his opponents, as the suit can also store data. Supposedly, if he manages to completely analyze his opponent, his uniform allows him to defeat them instantly.

Besides of this, he posses multitude of weapons on his weapons for long distances, such as cannons, saws, shooting weapons, differents kinds of visions, etc...

New Alfheim Online

  • Level:92
  • HP: 17500
  • MP: 800

Main Equipment

  • Morglay (One Handed Straight Sword)


One Handed Sword Hand-to-hand combat Parry Battle healing Hate
750 / 1000
600 / 1000


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