Title Screens

Since Kuya Dan works on the game and I've been giving him quite a lot of headache with my requests (don't forget to put 20 pieces First Love Juice in Mayu's inventory, pls), I thought I'd help out a little and work on our title screen.

Nope, I don't have Photoshop and my internet is not in the mood to download. (Screw you, slow internet in the Philippines). I used GIMP for photo manipulation.

SAOF Cover

This one I could still make changes since I have the editable file saved.

Why is Mayu on the cover?

  • Because I have favoritisms- *bricked* Because she's the only one who's available and the one that fits the picture! >3> But really, I have favoritism- *bricked again*

The text is pink-

  • Uh-huh, and pretty much the entire wiki is pinkish-violet. Shut up ka na lang :D dejk.

Clocks and Galaxy-themed?

  • Because our main antagonist is Paradox, a man who brought all these people from different timelines and universes and lumped them into one world.

This one has long been sitting in my PC, and I don't have the raw file.


I just thought the effect would be cool. Meh.


Can someone fix our gallery code-

SAOF Cover 2

I consulted with a senpai and he said:

"Hmm the glow is okay, try to blend your font gradient with a pattern, or use four colors that has the same color element and you'll bring out a good logo.

And try to add a white stroke to the fonts, so it would be readable"

SAOF Cover 3

I added a pattern into the text.

SAOF Cover 4

(Obviously) Placed the character in the center.

These two are my personal favorites.

SAOF Cover 9

This time, I tried making one for each of my characters. Pretty much ended up like SAOF Arena - Who's that Pokemon? kind of thing. xD

  • Astraea
SAOF Cover 5
  • Gwenhwyfar
SAOF Cover 6
  • Ishi
SAOF Cover 7

This is quite a pain because that picture is damn big.

  • Wolfram
SAOF Cover Wolfram

Wolfie wolfie~

  • Others
SAOF Cover 8

Mayu and Ishi-

Other Screen things

  • Game Over Screen

Cover 2nd

To Kuya Dan

KUYA DAN, he also wants to give an advice to you. He said he's seen the gameplay and yeah-

"I see. I suggest he edit all the GUI. If I have to say something, it is great but I know exactly who's work the main battle system is. You can suggest him to tinker the yanfly scripts he's using. Tbh, all in the rpg maker community and players already seen that type of battle mechanic frown emoticon"
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