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Howdy, folks. Kenji here! I'm an experienced wikian whose time has mostly been spent on the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki, though I sidelined for a bit on Naruto, Star Wars and Gears of War for a while as well. I've been a fan of SAO for years but it was the Progressive series of light novels that really hooked me.

My main character on here is Kenji Hiroshi and my series -- aptly called Sword Art Online (Kenji) -- will document his adventures throughout Aincrad.


Note: The below is for easy reference and only covers my own works.

December 2022

Date Chapter Notable events
December 4th. SAOK: Unexpected Meetings & SAOK: Pushing the Frontier. Numerous:
  • Kenji and Kusaka rescue Airi and she joins their party.
  • Airi receives her Dire Wolf Claws partying with Kenji.
  • Kusaka locates his cousin Sojiro and his friend Yoshiro.
  • Illfang the Kobold Lord is defeated and the 2nd Floor is opened.
  • Kenji completes the Martial Arts quest using an undisclosed trick he learned in the beta and leaves as Argo arrives with an unknown player.
  • Kenji advances his «Martial Arts» skill to 50 and meets up with Airi in the evening, where he introduces her to food buffs. She asks him to help her gather materials to enhance her claws.
December 5th. None. Numerous:
  • Airi manages to enhance her claws to +3.
  • Kusaka parties with Sojiro and Yoshiro and extends an invitation for the two to join his party alongside Kenji and Airi.
December 6th. SAOK: The Karma Scales. Numerous:
  • Kenji chances upon twin girls Momoko and Akiye recruiting Loki for help with a quest. He follows them.
  • Loki attempts to rob the girls and subsequently turns orange.
  • Kenji intervenes and accepts Loki's challenge of a Half Loss duel. Loki loses his sword-arm in the exchange and flees the scene without his «Anneal Blade».
  • Kenji picks up the discarded «Anneal Blade» as compensation, invites the girls to his party, and resolves the quest on their behalf.
  • Kenji becomes the unofficial guardians of the 12 year-old girls.
  • Kusaka undergoes a substantial equipment upgrade that includes a two-handed sword and a full-set of armor.
December 7th. SAOK: The Business of Grinding. Numerous:
  • Yoshiro is given Kenji's Anneal Blade and Kusaka's old «Iron Armor».
  • Kusaka, Airi, Yoshiro and Shiro leave Momoko and Akiye in Kenji's care and depart for a day of questing and monster farming.
  • Airi notes a vague reference in her notebook to «Zagan the Exile» upon completion of a hunting quest.
  • The foursome gain a level apiece.
  • Kenji quests with the twins and helps advance their level to 6 in order to open up their third skill slots.
December 8th-13th None. Numerous:
  • Kenji remains at level 14.
  • Kusaka reaches level 13.
  • Airi reaches level 12.
  • Yoshiro reaches level 12.
  • Sojiro reaches level 12.
  • The twins return to the Town of Beginnings and resolve several fetch quests and become friendly with a player named Ino Choyo.
  • The twins quest and craft extensively, with little sleep, to push for their fourth Skill slot.
  • Ino is introduced to Kenji.
December 14th. SAOK: The Eventful Taurus. Numerous:
  • The party led by Kusaka engages and defeats the Event Boss «Zagan the Exile».
  • Yoshiro lands the LA on «Zagan» and receives a «Bull Hoplon».
  • Kusaka reaches level 14.
  • In the evening Kenji asks Kusaka to lead their eventual guild. Kusaka declines and is instead named raid-leader with Kenji being named as future guild leader.
  • The five-some responsible for defeating «Zagan the Exile» provide their loot from the fight alongside additional materials to Momoko and Akiye to craft specialised equipment.
December 15th-17th. None. Numerous:
  • Momoko and Akiye achieve level 12 in time to put the materials gathered from «Zagan the Exile» to use.
  • Kenji receives the three-slot lightweight armor «Cardiophylax». He finalises the enhancements to his «Scimitar» to +8 (5S3D).
  • Airi receives two pieces of gear: the «Exiles Threads» and «Exiles Cloak». She also finalises the enhancements to her «Dire Wolf Claws» to +5 (4S1A).
  • Kusaka opts to keep his materials from «Zagan the Exile» until he begins the «Elf War» campaign quest.
  • Yoshiro receives the «Suit of the Exile» which comprised the «Body of the Exile», «Arms of the Exile», «Feet of the Exile» and «Helm of the Exile». He enhances his «Anneal Blade» to +5 (4D1S).
  • Sojiro receives a weapon and armor upgrade: the «Crimson Tide» and «Exiles Cuirass».
December 18th. None. Numerous:
  • Kenji purchases two Vendor Carpets and gives them to Momoko and Akiye as early Christmas presents.
  • Kenji and company accept the guild establishment quest.
December 19th. SAOK: The Moneymaking Crusade. Numerous:
  • The pre-Brightscale party meet for breakfast.
  • Momoko and Akiye, with their Vendor Carpets in tow, leave to set up shop.
  • Yoshiro and Sojiro farm a region of the Forest of Wavering Mists between 7:00 and 12:00.
  • Kenji meets again with Ino and she agrees to join Kenji's planned guild.
  • Kenji, Kusaka, Airi, Sojiro, Yoshiro and Ino acquire the «Guild seal».
  • Upon returning to Zumfut Kenji watches Momoko and Akiye charm a crowd and make a boatload of money.
  • Shortly after 16:00 «Brightscale» joins the official guilds of Aincrad.
  • Dividing into two teams Kenji's Team A initiates the «Jade Key» quest of the Elf War, siding with the Dark Elves. 30 minutes later Kusaka's Team B initiates the same quest, this time siding with the Forest Elves.
  • By 23:48 Kenji and company have cleared «Vanquishing the Spiders», «The Flower Offering», «Emergency Orders» and «The Missing Soldier». Kusaka's team cleared up through the same number of relevant chapter on the Forest Elf side.
December 22nd. SAOK: The Twin Sword Conundrum. Numerous:
  • Kenji seeks out the Dark Elven blacksmith on the 3rd Floor and upgrades his «Pale Edge» to +4.
  • Kenji travels to the 2nd Floor and farms Windwasps in order to experiment with dual-blades. The result was a highly situational Outside System Skill taking advantage of several system exploits, equipment states, and system assist. The success rate was logged at 22%.
  • Kenji returns to his party around 07:00.
December 24th. SAOK: Roving Rovia Numerous:
  • Kenji, Airi and Yoshiro complete the final chapter of 3rd Floor's «Elf War» campaign on the side of the Dark Elves.
  • At the same time Kusaka, Ino and Sojiro complete the final chapter of 3rd Floor's «Elf War» campaign on the side of the Forest Elves.
  • Momoko and Akiye complete several crafter-only quests in the Dark Elf camp.
  • The «Brightscale» members teleport to Rovia and participate in a party held by the players to celebrate Christmas Eve.
December 25th. None. Numerous:
  • The «Brightscale» members see their respective keys to the Spirit Trees, thus completing the first chapter of the «Elf War».
  • As discussed the day before they all relax on Christmas Day.
  • Kenji offers the «Stalker Boots» to Ino but she declines, having already got loot of her own. He subsequently gifts them to Airi.
December 26th-29th. None. Numerous:
  • The Shipwright of Yore quest is completed. Kenji, listening to Ryne's financial advice, gathered the needed materials for two Gondolas to be constructed.
  • The first was equipped -- according to Arashi -- "with all the extras" and was a seven-seat Gondola with room for an additional person as a driver. The second was a ten-seat Gondola designed specifically to carry tourists.
  • The «Brightscale» members complete the «Elf War» quests on the 4th Floor.
  • Ryne began organising tours of the more dangerous areas on the 4th Floor waterways.
December 30th. SAOK: Braving the Depths Numerous:
  • Kenji leaves his «Scimitar» with Akiye for reforging.
  • «Brightscale» successfully complete the quest-chain opening up the «Dead Woods Mausoleum».
  • Kenji's backup sword, «Pale Edge», breaks in battle against the dungeon boss. He manages to secure the LA with his first sword, the «Bronze Sabre», and acquires «Gloves of the Defiant».
  • Upon return to Karluin the group quickly falls asleep.
December 31st. SAOK: New Year Resolutions Numerous:
  • Momoko and Akiye meet up with Fujimaru Nakamura in the morning. He helps them finalise the materials for Kenji's new sword.
  • Ryne rounds up Kusaka, Yoshiro and Sojiro in order to offer a special New Years tour in Rovia.
  • Kenji wakes up and has his new sword -- «Razer» -- forged by Akiye.
  • Airi and Kenji have a date.

January 2023

Date Chapter Notable events
January 2nd. None. Numerous:
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