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Howdy, folks. Kenji here! I'm an experienced wikian whose time has mostly been spent on the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki, though I sidelined for a bit on Naruto, Star Wars and Gears of War for a while as well. I've been a fan of SAO for years but it was the Progressive series of light novels that really hooked me.

My main character on here is Kenji Hiroshi and my series -- aptly called Sword Art Online (Kenji) -- will document his adventures throughout Aincrad. Part I, otherwise known as Sword Art Online: Companionship, is complete, and my focus is now on Part II, otherwise known as Sword Art Online: Determination.

It is my intention to cover the last 25 Floors of Aincrad. These chapters will be posted on The account associated with my work can be found here: Kenji Hiroshi.

Note: Everything posted below from here on out are simple facts I'd rather have in one place, rather than having to look through several pages or track down specific passages in the light novels.

SAO Pacing

By no means is this canon but it's been cobbled together using canon dates, facts, and a little theory-crafting on my part. Below are the rough estimates of the clearing groups pace with regard to Floor clearing. I'll be using this as a rough guide of sorts for Part II, though I won't be outright stating for certain that a specific Floor was cleared on a specific date.

  • Floor 6: Cleared January 4th.
  • Floor 7: Cleared January 8th.
  • Floor 8: Cleared January 12th.
  • Floor 9: Cleared January 16th.
  • Floor 10: Cleared January 22nd.
  • Floor 11: Cleared January 26th.
  • Floor 12: Cleared January 30th.
  • Floor 13: Cleared February 3rd.
  • Floor 14: Cleared February 7th.
  • Floor 15: Cleared February 13th.
  • Floor 16: Cleared February 17th.
  • Floor 17: Cleared February 21st.
  • Floor 18: Cleared February 25th.
  • Floor 19: Cleared March 1st.
  • Floor 20: Cleared March 7th.
  • Floor 21: Cleared March 11th.
  • Floor 22: Cleared March 14th.
  • Floor 23: Cleared March 18th.
  • Floor 24: Cleared March 22nd.
  • Floor 25: Cleared March 31st.

5th Floor


5th Floor layout.

The theme of Aincrad's 5th Floor is ruins. Excepting the «Dead Woods» and the Elven village «Shiyaya» there isn't much plant-life or greenery in evidence, and the floor features more vertical elements than its predecessors. Unlike most of the lower floors, where light from the moon could spill in Aincrad's outer aperture, this did not happen on the 5th Floor. When night fell it was almost completely pitch-black.


The main flavour mechanic of the 5th Floor are «Relics». Various locations throughout the 5th Floor support the hunting of relics, which need to be «Appraised» for their value to be determined. Locations include the non-residential areas of Karluin, the mine connected to Mananarena, and the Catacombs' dungeon beneath Karluin.

«Karl Coins» are specific relics which can be converted to Cor at specific NPC's. The value is as follows:

  • 1 Copper coin = 10 Cor.
  • 1 small gold coin = 500 Cor.
  • 1 large gold coin = 1000 Cor.

«Gems» are specific relics identified by way of a grading system. The grading system determines the material value of the gem in question.

  • D grade gems convert to roughly 500 Cor.

«Accessories», such as rings and amulets, can also be found as relics. These require «Appraisal» either at specific NPC's or by players with the «Appraisal» Skill.

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