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Ursa Minor
Guild Info
Name Ursa Minor
Kanji 小熊座
VRMMORPGs Sword Art Online
Founder Renee
Main Focus Clearing
Previous Focus Survival
Base of Operations Lunaris (9th Floor)
Status Active

So be it, then. No more sitting around. We will become the ones we've been waiting for.
~ Renee

Ursa Minor is a small-size, high-level clearing guild in Sword Art Online. Although named by Ashe, it was founded by Renee, and switched its focus from survival to clearing floors part way through the game. It is one of the main guilds in the fan fiction Misfortune Made Her Sword.


The guild's emblem is the silhouette of a bear with the constellation from which the guild draws its name at its back.

The emblem was designed by Rosalind, one of the guild's first members.






The guild's main base of operations is a large two-floor house nestled within Lunaris, the main city on the ninth floor of Aincrad. Like the city in which it resides, the inspiration for the home's design is taken from Victorian England.

Prior to this, the guild made their temporary homes in scattered inn rooms across the first few floors of Aincrad.

Known Members

Name Rank Role Status
Renee Guild Leader Forward Alive
Ashe Sub-Leader Damage-dealer Alive
Rikki Head of Finances Tank Alive
Rosalind Member Tank Alive
Okazaki Member Damage-dealer Alive
Lag Member Forward Alive
Aramis Member Forward Alive
Sveva Member Thief Alive
Phaid Member Damage-Dealer Alive
Nori Member Forward Alive
Brenner Member Damage-Dealer Alive
Yulian Member Forward Alive
Ensign Member Tank Alive
Wu Song Member Damage-Dealer Alive

Notable Achievements

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