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Unique Skills (ユニークスキル, Yunīku Sukiru?) are «[[w:c:swordartonline:Extra Skills|]]» in «[[w:c:swordartonline:Sword Art Online|]]» that is assigned to only a single player per skill. Like other Extra Skills, the prerequisites for receiving «Unique Skills» are unknown, but they are said to be given to players who fulfill a certain physical requirement.

In «Spell Blade Online», unique skills had set prerequisites that were provided within the skill tree interface by clicking on the icon and opening the unique skill's skill tree to view unlock requirements. On top of the ones from SAO, new unique skills were added into SBO. However, unlike SAO unique skills, unique skills in SBO can and could be used by more than one person at once although the cap is set to three users of the same unique skill.

List of Known Unique Skills

English Name Japanese Name Acquisition User(s) VR References
Assassin's Blade 刺客剣, Shikakuken Unlocked by completing the «One-Handed Short Sword» skill, also known as «One-Handed Dagger». Silica (Both) SAO
Battōjutsu 抜刀術 Unlocked by completing the «Katana» skill.[2] Klein (Both) SAO
Darkness Blade 暗黒剣, Ankoku Ken Unlocked by killing the most other players.[1] PoH SAO [1]
Dual Blades (SAO)
Celestial Blades (SBO)[3]
二刀流, Nitōryū
天の刃, Amenoyaiba
Given to the player with the fastest reaction speed. (SAO)[4]
Spoiler Alert! [show]
Unlocked by attaining 500 proficiency with «One-Handed Sword» and successfully landing 2000 hits utilizing one-handed sword skills on mobs.
Kirito (SAO)
Kirin (Both)
Rain (SBO)
Yuuki (SBO)
[[w:c:swordartonline:Holy Sword|]] (SAO)
Sacred Cross (SBO)[3]
神聖剣, Shinseiken
聖十字, Seijūji
Given to the strongest player.
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Unlocked by blocking 5000 attacks using «Protection Field», learning the «Tank» Extra Skill, and attaining 500 proficiency with either «One-Handed Sword» or «Rapier».
[[w:c:swordartonline:Heathcliff|]] (SAO)
Leafa (SBO)
Infinite Spear (SAO)
Thorn of Illusions (SBO)[3]
無限槍, Mugen Yari
幻像針, Genzōhari
Unlocked by completing the «Two-Handed Assault Spear» skill. (SAO)
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Unlocked by successfully inflicting 250 debuffs and attaining 500 proficiency with «Two-Handed Assault Spear».
Niten Ichi-ryū 二天一流 Unlocked by completing the «Battōjutsu» unique skill. Klein SAO
Shurikenjutsu 手裏剣術 Unlocked by completing the «Blade Throwing» skill. Philia (Both) SAO
Soaring Slash 飛翔切り, Hishōgiri Unlocked by connecting skills to one another 3200 times. Klein SAO
Songstress 歌姫, Utahime Unlocked by completing the «Chant» Extra Skill.[6] Kirin (Both) SAO


  • Akihiko Kayaba has stated that there are only ten «Unique Skills» in total, in contrast to the "unlimited" number of other skills.


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