The crown of Undine's was given to Samantha by the Undine leader. She was reknown as the Maiden in SAO, and it made it's way to that game. The leader wanted her has their face to show they were a peaceful and helping group, but could also be feirce if it came to it.

The Princess's Crown
Item Info
Name Undine's Crown
VRMMORPG ALfheim Online
Location Undine's city
Quest None
Dropped By None
Item Type Accessory
Sub-type Head accesory
Status Owned


The crown looks more like a Tiara tied around Samatha's head. Two deep blue ribbon made of the hardest fish scales found in the game. The ribbons hold the Saphire made from the tear of the Undine goddes. It's said that Undine in the game that lays eyes on it gets completely mesmerized and lost in the jewel.


Alfheim Online


Undine's crown

Head / Accessory

Type: Defence

Defence: 20

Max Hp: +300

Max MP: +400

Special effect: No undine player can attack the owner.

Known User

Samantha Hart