Underground Online
VRMMO Information
Kanji アンダーグラウンド・オンライン
Romaji anda-guraundo onrain
Developer Ransu Umagu
Release Date 2026,Dec 9
Usable Hardware Nervegear,Amusphere

Underground Online is an VRMMO that contains 75 Levels that leads back to land and 5 Races with an Exclusive Race. as G Is just a coin with a G on it its the currency



There are different Races with each unique ability

  • Skeletons - +20 Magic Power
  • Froggits - +20 Agility
  • Doggos - Bark Ability (Stuns and Attacks the target)
  • Naturas - Healing Ability (Grass People)
  • Ghosts - +25 Stealth
  • Tem Tem - you start off with 5000 G in the game (Half Cat Half Dog)
  • EXCLUSIVE Human - +45 Dmg


Tetaino- A Mage Class, You get a light in one of your eyes and you must pick a color then your eye light and power will be the color you picked. eye light only activates when in battle

Mesino- A Warrior Class, they get to pick one of the Three special ability

  • Death Fist - A Punch that does a 125 Dmg
  • Invisi-Boo- Invisibility for 1 Minute
  • Buff-y The Killer - +23 Dmg for 1 Minute

Capino- The Support Class, Capinos get to have a Healing circle that lasts for 1 Minute it can heal the player itself or the allies

(Players may make their own Abilities but may cost 1000 G)


Main Objective

Finish the 75 Layers when finished everyoe will be able to go to the land and make friends with humans and do quests for them


Find And bring the Killer Human gang to justice!

The Killer Humans is an AI gang that kills monsters inside the Underground once allied the tem tems but took them for granted for their money.

All of the quests are N O T gonna be always the same it will be different and they all will not be


Hostiles are Enemies in the Underground


Theyre not Humans nor Monsters they are unknown creatures that are half human half monster people whos objective is to capture the underground for theirselves

The Killer Human Gang

They are evil humans that hide in the shadows of The Underground they kill every monster that passes their territory their bounty is 1,000,000 G Their goal is to kill every monster that lives

The Z Clan

The Z Clan is an clan in the underground,they are monsters that are against monsters (Yea i know wierd right?) They dont kill monsters they capture them and take their souls they will do nothing with the souls though when monsters lose their souls they go against other monsters and capture them.Goal is to take over the underground


Before the Monsters were the biggest enemies of humans but they were not in the underground yet then came the Munans so they agreed to help eachother fight the Munans But it went wrong and the monsters fell in the underground with the Munans now they live there but they will never lose hope!

Now the king is a Tem Tem he was assasinated by the Human Killer Gang. Then the underground was in chaos some of the monsters went and joined The Z Clan and the others just helped eachother.

(Thinking of adding more)


Layer 1 Boss - Omega Munan

Layer 2 Boss - Froggit (The Z Man)

Layer 3 Boss - One of the The Killer Humans

(I Will add more when the 3 Boss Roleplays Are Done)

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