Underdog (Unique)
Skill Info
Kanji アンダドグ
Romaji Underdog
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Category Unique skill
User(s) Will
Appears in Band of Brothers


This unique skill allows a lowly non-warrior type of player to match and even compete with the top frontliners within SAO. It functions best in town where the local environment can be used. Items lying around can be used as weapons such as bottles, fruit, or different trinkets. This reveals a fighting style that is particularly wild and street-based. The user is given martial arts skills that match up with any extra skills he may have. Weapons that are used are synergized within the skill set. Additionally, impact and knockout capability is increased including the use of blunt trauma to take down players within towns. Finally, to keep up with those more powerful, an underdog buff is given that matches up with enemies that may be facing off against the user.


The player must be the most accomplished martial artist who is not statted like the top frontliners within Aincrad. This means that his position within the game must be one of a non-warrior, like a merchant, cook, smith, or any other crafting occupation. This skill will be given to that person to allow them to be the one to defend those who aren’t frontliners, especially ones who chose the more peaceful path to surviving within SAO.


  • Hidden Power - This buff is signature to the Underdog unique skill. The user’s eyes glow pure white, and he can tag mobs and players alike. Once tagged, if those beings remain within a 30-meter radius of the user, the user will gain stat buffs that are equivalent to 70% of the enemy’s two highest stats, whether it is strength, speed, defense or something else. Up to 3 enemies can be tagged, and the buffs can stack.


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