Twin Demon Souls
Boss Info
Name True Names Unknown
Epithet Twin Demon Souls
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weakness Masks
Item Drop Demon's Garb
Status Defeated

Not only do the Twin Demon Souls fight as a pair and only accept 2 challengers at a time, but what make them truly unique is that they take on a similar appearance, physically, to their duel-challengers.. No-one has ever seen their true appearance.

Known Appearances

Twin Demon Souls Initial Appearance

Ichigo Shinigami-HollowThe Vizard Rukia Kuchiki by Ravenwind137

Twin Demon Souls 25% Health Release Appearance

Tumblr m9noarIHJU1rbdupro1 500 Rukia hollow form 2 by Biakuarugan

Known Challengers

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