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Twilight Resurrection

Twilight Resurrection (HF)

Twilight Resurrection

Twilight Resurrection

Sword Skill Info
Kanji トワイライト・リザレクション
Romaji Towairaito Rizarekushon
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
ALfheim Online (OSS)
Weapon Skill Any one-handed rapier
Color Pink (color of weapon [SAO])
Yellow (color of sword skill [SAO])
Yellow (ALO)
User(s) Yuurei

Twilight Resurrection is the rapier arcane skill.


This skill consists of 35 devastating thrusts. In truth, the user only delivers seven thrusts. However, each thrust hides 5 of its own. The user thrusts twice forwards, delivering ten hits. The user repeats these two thrusts twice more, stabbing in a circle. The final thrust is directly in the center of the circle traced by the thrusts and blows the opponent backward.

The user initiates the skill by standing with their left foot slightly behind their right since the user spins counterclockwise to deliver the first hits.


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Side Volume I, Chapter XIII, Part I N/A N/A An unlikely party, Yuurei and Rain, work together to clear the boss, managing to do it in a much quicker time than Shiota. Yuurei uses Twilight Resurrection (since he had already done it before with Rain) to bring down the boss' HP to nearly zero before swapping her rapier for a one-handed sword, obtaining «Shadow Explosion» for them both.
Volume X, Chapter X, Part IV N/A N/A Yuurei uses Twilight Resurrection against An Incarnation of the Radius at the same time as Rain unleashing Shadow Explosion. The five combined arcane skills («Nebular Empress», «Shadow Explosion», «Twilight Resurrection», «Starlight Splash» and «Imperial Southern Cross», quickly removes the boss' first HP bar.


  • Through many trials and errors, Yuurei had successfully managed to recreate Twilight Resurrection as an Original Sword Skill. He used a combination of Dark and Holy magic to recreate the extra hits used within the sword skill.
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