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Tsuki Narukami
Personal Info
Kanji 鳴上 月
Romaji Narukami Tsuki
Birthday May 11th 2034
Age 6
Gender Female
Family Rai Narukami - Brother
Tenshi Narukami - Father
Mother (Status unknown)
Status Deceased

Tsuki Narukami was the younger sister of Rai Narukami, and is the leading drive for him in Endless Utopia Online: By Moonlight.


Tsuki Narukami had long blue hair in twin ponytails tied with white ribbons. She most commonly wore the seifuku of the primary school she attended.


Tsuki Narukami was born 6 years after her brother, Rai. The two were inseperable, and shared a strong sibling bond with each other. Tsuki often looked up to her older brother, and outright adored him, wanting to do everything with him. She affected Rai in equal measure, as Rai's cheerful and optimistic demeanor was mainly due to having his sister in his life, and he valued her greatly. However, at the age of just 6, when Rai was 14, she was taken from the streets and raped and murdered on her way home from school. Her death would shape her older brother for the rest of his life, and the once sprightly and enthusiatic youth immediately fell into deep depression, becoming cold and distant, even into young adulthood.


Tsuki Narukami was an extremely optimistic and also intelligent young girl, mature for her age, but not above being childish at times, sometimes just to get her way. She'd use her cuteness as a weapon, pouting or pleading in order to get sweets, or have Rai play with her even when he had homework to do. She and Rai together brought energy to their household, and the two, along with their mother and father, were more than happy together. Rai shared much of her personality before her untimely death, after which he became reserved and pessimistic, the exact opposite of what his sister used to be.


  • Keeping with the moon theme of By Moonlight, Tsuki means "moon" in Japanese.
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