Timepiece Online
Sacred Clock

Dingy old tower.
VRMMO Information
Developer Indepenn Dextera (Whizad)
Release Date pending
Genre RPG, Adventure
Usable Hardware NerveGear, Amusphere, Halcyisphere


Timepiece Online will, when released, be the ninth game in the Xhilatren cycle, and sequel to SCO.

No one really knows exactly how it will relate to its predecessor, but ID has stated that it has been made to link with SCO the same way WindypooII linked with Windypool. Players avidly awaiting its release have already come up with a name for the combination: "Dingy Old Tower Part 2".

Recently, ID released a statement they say is a giveaway clue for the main feature of the sequel.  The statement itself is only two words: "pocketwatch shenanigans."


Most players assume that gameplay will be identical to SCO, with a few added features. Many theories have been released as to what will be added, but most are very outlandish.



When released, Timepiece will be the largest single-patch update to any VRMMO ever.

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