Thorn dagger was forged by special blacksmiths working for the Player Killing guild, Laughing Coffin . Almost every member has a weapon that looks like it. The weapon is said to be forged so that the users can PK others even in town, or maybe it is just poisoned. No one really knows, since none dares to go near this guild and even less , become a victim of their weapons

Thorn Dagger
Untitled 3 dagger by darkheroic-d5kn9fb
Item Info
Name Thorn Dagger
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Quest None
Dropped By None
Item Type Dagger
Sub-type One-handed
Status Owned



Sword Art Online


Thorn Dagger

Dagger / One-handed

Type: Slash and thrust

Range: Short

Attack: 250 - 300

Durability: 1300

Weight: 35

Estimated Dimensions

Handle: 14 cm

Blade: 20 cm

Known User

Carin Âkerfeldt