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It was only thanks to Asuka, whose Skills provided a potent «Composite» effect she affectionately called her «Thieves Tools», that we were aware of the traps at all. My «Searching» Skill had failed to detect them and considering that it was sitting at a Proficiency level just under 200 meant these traps were very well hidden.
~ Excerpt from SAOK: Braving the Depths, explaining how «Brightscale» avoided dungeon traps.
Thieves Tools (Kenji)
Skill Info
Kanji 泥棒ツール
Romaji Dorobō tsūru
VRMMORPG «Sword Art Online»
Category «Composition»
User(s) Airi Natsume
Appears in SAOK: Braving the Depths

«Thieves Tools» is the name given to a number of «Composition Effects» created through the simultaneous slotting of compatible Skills, in this case the «Trap Dismantling» and «Picking» Skills.[1] It was discovered by Airi Natsume sometime before the 24th of December 2022 and used in dungeons related to the «Elf War» campaign,[2] though its first true demonstration was during the exploration of the «Dead Woods Mausoleum» on the 5th Floor of Aincrad.[3] According to Kenji Hiroshi the Skill-tree effectively filled the popular rogue archetype common to the RPG genre, though given Airi's combat Skills he would later call her a Scout.[4]



The colour change that occurs in the user's eyes.

«Thieves Tools» is one of the many effects brought about by the slotting of multiple complimentary Skills that are not documented by the system, thus necessitating the need for players to discover these effects for themselves through trial and error.[1] Airi discovered what she dubbed «Thieves Tools» sometime prior to the 24th of December 2022.[2]

This particular «Composition» increases a player's trap detection and lock-picking abilities through activated abilities and passive buffs, with more becoming available as one's «Proficiency» in its component Skills increases. All the abilities and traits associated with «Thieves Tools» stack with the traits inherent in the Skills comprising it, as well as the «Mods» available in each respective Skill-tree.[3] As far as Kenji was concerned, having someone along who possessed this «Composite» made looting treasure chests in dangerous dungeons far more profitable.[2]

«Thieves Tools» carried with it an associated visual change. As observed by the members of «Brightscale», users of «Thieves Tools» have their eyes glow with a purple light.[3] This visual cue is similar to the «Searching» Skill, which causes the user's eyes to begin glowing green.[5][6][7]

Composite effects

English Name Japanese Name Description Skills Ref
«Keen Eyes» 鵜の目鷹の目
Activated effect. Greatly increases trap detection in dungeons and chests and more effective than the standard «Trap Dismantling» Mods. «Trap Dismantling»
«Dexterous Feat» 手練の早業
Activated effect. Greatly increases the likelihood of successfully picking locks and more effective than the standard «Picking» Mods. «Trap Dismantling»
«Sticky Fingers» 粘い指
Passive effect. Increases cor looted from treasure chests by 2%. «Trap Dismantling»

Author's notes

Behind the scenes

  • Airi Natsume was originally intended to be the recipient of the «Dancing» Extra Skill before ultimately being given «Thieves Tools» instead.
  • The effects provided are based on the Thieves Tools available in Dungeons & Dragons. The abilities are meant to resemble the proficiency one gains in disarming traps and opening locks when the character is proficient with the tools.


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