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The Swordbearers
Guild Info
Name The Swordbearers
VRMMORPGs Sword Art Online
Founder Kenzan
Main Focus Survival
Base of Operations Calchester
Status Active

The Swordbearers is a small-size mid-level guild in Sword Art Online. It was founded by Kenzan, who hoped to shape it into a guild full of swordsmen, with no other weapon types. Failing that, he now hopes to turn it into a respectable clearing guild. It is one of the minor guilds in the fan fiction Misfortune Made Her Sword.


The guild's symbol is a silhouette of a pair of crossed swords, a nod toward the guild's name, and Kenzan's original vision for it.




Arc 2: Saudade



Early on the guild made its home in any number of inns along the lower floors of Aincrad. Some time after Nori and Brenner left, the guild managed to save up enough money to purchase a small player home in the town of Calchester, located on the western edge of the 15th floor.

Known Members

Name Rank Role Status
Kenzan Guild Leader/Founder Damage-Dealer Alive
Handsome Dan Sub-leader Tank Alive
Nori Member Forward Left
Brenner Member Damage-Dealer Left
Marin Member Damage Dealer Alive
Crick Member Forward Alive
Pretty Tiffany Member Tank Alive


  • The name of the guild The Swordbearers, comes from the antagonistic faction of the same name from the game Bravely Default.
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