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Even if we have sinned, that doesn't mean you can treat us like garbage!
~ The Seven Deadly Sins (Envy)


The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Red Players

Guild Info
Name The Seven Deadly Sins
Kanji ななつ の たいざい
Epithet The Seven Red Players
VRMMORPGs Sword Art Online
Founder The Deadly Sin Of Greed (Greed)
Members The Deadly Sin Of Greed (Greed)

The Deadly Sin Of Wrath (Irai) The Deadly Sin Of Lust (Lusmy) The Deadly Sin Of Sloth (Slady) The Deadly Sin Of Pride (Prudio) The Deadly Sin Of Gluttony (Gloss) The Deadly Sin Of Envy (Envinia)

Main Focus Clearing
Base of Operations Floor 6
Previous Base of Operations Floor 8
Allies Pandora
Former Allies The Ten Commandments

Laughing Coffin

Status Active

The Seven Deadly Sins is a small member sized guild with a low-reputation in Sword Art Online each member represents a sin.

The Seven Deadly Sins are also known for having Unique Sword Skills thus, giving them a low reputation: Sword Skill Abusers

The Logo/Symbol

The Symbol represents the regrets of each of the members, as well as their determination to become an acceptable guild to the rest of the players.

The logo was created by Slady she was asked by her Captain to make something that had the essence of all the members.


The Seven Deadly Sins started with only two members Greed and Ira. The two were known for a 'crime' that cost the reputation of the guild.

Each of the members was found when they were performing an evil act.


This is the current list of members of the guild.

Member Role Rank Status
Greed Leader Foward Alive
Ira Sub-Leader Tank Alive
Lusmy Member Damage-Dealer Alive
Slady Member Tank Alive
Prudio Member Foward Alive
Gloss Member Foward Alive
Envinia Member Damage-Dealer Alive


Pandora: She is the guild's main info source, Pandora has been and useful ally for the Seven Deadly Sins, without Pandora the Seven Deadly Sins wouldn't be able to infiltrate in the "Divine Dragon Alliance" to get some information. Pandora, as described by Lusmy, is their black market, where they can get almost any type of stuff. Pandora also charges an immense amount of Col (or Cor?) for providing that stuff.

Former Allies

Laughing Coffin: While trying to infiltrate inside the "Divine Dragon Alliance" headquarters The Seven Deadly Sins had to get some stuff from them to successfully infiltrate. Later, the Laughing Coffin turns their back against the Seven Deadly Sins and escape with the information that they (The seven deadly sins) came for. At that moment they became rivals.

The Ten Commandments: They used to fight together in any boss fights, and the current leader of the seven deadly sins used to be a member, then after a fight between the two leaders, they became enemies.