The Knight of Flames
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Quest Info
Name The Knight of Flames
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location 45th eastern Burning Volcano
Objective Gather items
Boss None
Reward Fiery Knight Coat
Status Done

At the eastern most part of the 45th floor sat a volcano, with a couple of caves. In on of them, there is a man who gives the quest. This quest isn't particularly hard, but getting to the quest giver, you need to fight high level monsters. The quest giver is a man waiting deep in the burning caves. He looks like an old cowboy, with a rope in hand and is feet are stoned down. I this quest the player needs to gather items for him so he can make a stone cure.


Talk to quest giver in the caves, Name is Mcneil.


Floor 45th, in the burning caves.


  • Get the itmes McNeil asks for.


Fiery Knight Coat


More of a gathering quest than fighting. The hardest part was traveling in the burning caves, if not for that, a couple of rare items are tough to get, but nothng high level players can't achieve on their own.

Known Attemps