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The Eclipse

The Eclipse

The Eclipse

Kanji ジ・エクリップス
Romanization Ji ekurippusu
Sword Skill Information
Color Tan
Hit Count 27
User(s) Kirito
Aunkai Terminology
Name Balance Breaker
Kanji 均衡崩落
Romanization Kinkō Hōraku
Sword Style Floating Castle Style
Novel Debut Volume 01, The Passing of the Torch Chapter 2, Part 3

The Eclipse is the final sword skill learned in the Dual Blades category. In both SAO and SBO, it is learned after getting Dual Blades skill proficiency to 1000.


This sword skill consists of a total of 27 hits. The user first uses both swords to slash from the top right to the bottom left then immediately rebounding to slash from teh top left to the bottom right...

The user initiates the skill by standing straight up and holding the left sword directly below the right sword before charging forward and bringing their swords down in preparation for the first two hits.


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume 01, The Passing of the Torch Chapter 2, Part 3 N/A N/A Kirito accidentally activates this sword skill in anger after [[w:c:swordartonline:Heathcliff|]] killed Asuna which eventually leads to his demise as Heathcliff simply blocks every strike and takes advantage of the post-motion delay to land a critical and fatal wound on him.
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