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The Battalion
Guild Info
Kanji ザ・バトリオン
Romaji Za Batorion
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Founder SpartaX
Focus Survival
Base of Operations 10th floor
Status Disbanded (SAO), Active (ALO / GGO)

The Battalion is a guild of mid-low level of players who have faith in the military system.



As SpartaX has great faith in the military system, he modeled his guild after the milirtray command chain of the real world. But since the game limit the number of people in each party, he modified the system to make it applicable to the game.

  • Each party of 6 members, would be known as "Squad". The leader of the Squad is the party's leader.
  • 4 Squads become a "Platoon". The Platoon Leader is not a member of the 4 squads, but is a member of the Company Command Squad. (6 × 4 = 24)
  • 3 Platoons become "Company". (24 × 3 = 72)

Each Company Command Team is a party of 6 members. 3 of the 6 are Platoon Leaders, 1 is Company Leader, 1 admin, and the Battalion Leader (or Vice-leader) is the party leader. (72 + 6 = 78)

There are 2 Companies in the guild. (78 × 2 = 156)


Despite being modeled after the military system, the guild actually emphasizes members' survival. Any member who cannot continue fighting will be evacuated: Teleported away if necessary. It is recorded that no one died while being a guild ember.

With great faith in military system, all members are disciplined, obedient, respectful and loyal to each other.


In addition to disciplinary quality, which is already present in all members. SpartaX implemented rules to moderate the guild.

  1. All member of a platoon, including the Platoon Leader, must be in the same floor, at all time.
  2. Each member of a squad must live in the same household.
  3. Every week, all members must return to report to the guild HQ at the 10th floor.

Aside from morality code and basic discipline, there are no uniforms. To ensure everyone's fighting capacity is at the finest.


Sword Art Online

Some time after the death game has been declared, SpartaX, ACOG and EXO set up a party. The party later attracted many with faith in the military system, but do not want to join the Army.

At the end of the game, all members decided to share their real-life info, in a command chain style, and they managed to assemble everyone into their social network.

Known Members

  • ACOG (Founding member, Company Leader)
  • EXO (Founding member, Admin)
  • Igor (Admin)
  • Gregory (Platoon Leader)
  • SpartaX (Leader / Founder)
  • Z-ARC (Company Leader, formerly)
  • ZTK (Company Leader)
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