This template, {{SAO}}, provides easy access to link to the Sword Art Online Wiki without the need for a messy URL or the long-to-type [[w:c:swordartonline:]] code. Users also have the functionality of adding an alternate name, if desired.

{{SAOWiki|<page to link to>}}
{{SAOWiki|<page to link to>|<text to display, if different from the page name}}

Example: Linking without an alternate name.

...yields Aincrad

To add an alternate name, simply add the desired text to show up after that last Pipe, before the double Curled Braces.

Example: Linking with an alternate name.

{{SAOWiki|Aincrad|An Incarnating Radius}}
...yields An Incarnating Radius

Example: Linking a page's section, with an alternate name.

{{SAOWiki|Kirito#Abilities|Kirito's stats}}
...yields Kirito's stats
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