Tallwyndir, Scourge of the Sky, is an event boss on the 42nd floor of Aincrad in Sword Art Online.


Tallwyndir, Scourge of the Sky, is a dragon with scales the colour as blue as saphires, and seem almost radiating with light. Spikes run down his back to the tip of his tail, and hold a bone-white colour alongside his talons. A pair of black, leathery wings sit atop his back, folded in at most times. Two humongous, jagged fangs jut out of his upper jaw, accompanied by a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth. Two horns curl slightly upwards from the back of his head. His eyes burn with a deep blue and white shimmer.

Upon encountering, he will warn players with an eaer-deafening roar that causes avalanches to occur and blizzards to freeze for seconds, scattered by the sound-waves.


Tallwyndir was one of the event bosses that was placed within the many floors of Aincrad. He was given the title 'Scourge of the Sky' after it was confirmed by [REDACTED] that he was one of the strongest of dragons in Aincrad during development stages.

During testing, he was considered far too strong, but instead of implementing him in end-game floors they decided to turn him into an event boss. His level cap was lowered alongside his strength, and his habitat was limited to but a few distant peaks in which it carved its lair.

The particular event circumventing Tallwyndir is bound to a significant amount of prerequisite quests and items. The event was so rare and fabled that most players considered it a myth, yet some experienced players could scoure the crags and corners of Aincrad to find the scraps of information detailing the intricate event. Only when you finish the prerequisite quests and have aquired the suitable item list, you are able to attack Tallwyndir. If you don't posses either the quests or the items, Tallwyndir will not be available to attack.


Tallwyndir harnesses the very essence of frost and ice in himself, and he imbues his attacks with the same frigid power to strike at his foes. Aside from his fiery breath which he uses to incinerate his opponents, he may also use his spiked tail to maim them, or swiping his talons. He rarely attacks with his head, but when threatened enough he will use his arsenal of deadly teeth.

Item Drops

Known Challengers

  • Nakuro
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