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Personal Info
Real Name Unknown
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 1,70mts
Weight 59kg
Occupation Student
Player Profile
Display Name Taikeus
Kanji (Display) タイケアズ
Romaji (Display) Taikeazu
VR Played New ALfheim Online
ALO Race Leprechaun
Occupation Colonel of The Supreme Legion
Affiliation The Supreme Legion
Status Alive
Appears In Sword Art Online: New Aincrad

I'll follow my orders. As all sodiers must.
~ Taikeus

Taikeus is one of the colonels on The Supreme Legion, and a secondary antagonist in Sword Art Online: New Aincrad. He is Markus best friend.


His avatar is a Leprechaun. He is always seen wearing a high-rank armor of his army, with his sword close to his waist.


Taikeus is a friendly man and very loyal to Markus and Hao. Standing one of the most loyal players in the Legions, Taikeus proves himself dedicated as a soldier and willing to give his life for what is right.

However, he tends to underestimate and look down on players who aren't members of his guild, specially Galant.


He was friends with Markus since childhood. He joined New ALO alongside him and Hao.



Taikeus and Markus are best friends since childhood. They're very close to each other.


He is Galant's contact inside the Supreme Legion. He has a tense relationship with him and dislikes him, especially the fact that he's not of their guild and doesn't follow his command.


He is skilled in the ways of a soldier but lacks true battlefield experience, he is probably equal to his best friend. Despite this, he demonstrates skill with a sword and spear and proves himself an above-average fighter. He is careful in tactics, trying to think twice what he will do.

New ALfheim Online

  • Level: 90
  • HP:15000
  • MP: 750

Main Equipment

  • Gladius
  • Pugio


One Handed Sword One Handed Dagger Hand to Hand combat Parry Battle Healing
920 / 1000
900 / 1000
900 / 1000
850 / 1000
800 / 1000
Light Metal Equipment Heavy Metal Equipment Acrobatics Tracking Sprint
900 / 1000
900 / 1000
600 / 1000
750 / 1000
790 / 1000
750 / 1000


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