Sword of Truth is one of the treasure held by undines and passed down to the princess. The sword has the whole story of the undine's engraved on it as symbolic markings. The sword ultimately shows she his of the hghest ran among the Undines.

Undine's Treasured Sword
Item Info
Name Sword of Truth
VRMMORPG Alfheim Online
Location Undine's city
Quest None
Dropped By None
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type One handed Sword
Status Owned


The Sheath is dark blue, ressembling the night sky, and ornated with flowers like shaped golden desings. The blade is of the sword is as blue as the ocea, with marks scripting, telling the story of the unidnes on it. When the sword is drawn, people who seen it, says that the whole blade is made of water, taking form of a sword. But n truth only the middle of the edge, where the marings are, is made of water. The guard looked much like any rapier, but made of gold.


Alfheim Online


Sword Of Truth

Short sword / One hand

Range: Short

Type: Slash and Thrust

Attack: 250 - 350

Durablity: Unbreakable

Weight: 100

Requires: N/A

Magic: +200

Special Effect: Gives battle healing a boost of 150

Estimated Dimensions

Handle: 23 cm

Blade: 85 cm

Known User

Samantha Hart