Sword Skills That Surpass God
Sword Skills That Surpass God
Quest Info
Kanji 剣腕抜神
Romaji Kenude Nukami
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Palace of Swords, Abandoned Area, Hollow Area
Category Kill Quest
Boss Princess Valnagia
Reward An Esoteric Skill for entire party for current weapon equipped
Status Respawns endlessly one hour after being cleared

Sword Skills That Surpass God is the final basic Hollow Mission, located in the Abandoned Area of the Hollow Area. It is found deep within the Odium Castle.


Initiation of this quest is the same as all Hollow Missions: venture within its sphere of influence. This Hollow Mission's sphere of influence covers the entire back of the Palace of Swords.


The objective of this Hollow Mission is to kill Princess Valnagia and obtain a sword skill that can strike down even the gods. A two-man party is recommended to clear this quest as any number higher than that will not receive the quest reward. Princess Valnagia is a level 180 boss.


This quest rewards the clearer with an esoteric skill, also known as an arcane skill for the weapon category that the clearer has equipped when they defeated the boss. A list of arcane skills given by this boss:

  1. Nebular Empress - Dual Blades arcane skill
  2. Shadow Explosion - One-handed Sword arcane skill
  3. Twilight Resurrection - Rapier arcane skill
  4. Starlight Splash - Dagger arcane skill
  5. Heavenly Road - Dual Daggers arcane skill
  6. Butterfly Illusion - One-handed Curved Sword (Scimitar) arcane skill
  7. Holy Crown - One-handed Mace arcane skill
  8. Screw Dimension - Two-handed Axe arcane skill
  9. Imperial Southern Cross - Spear arcane skill
  10. Soaring Double Spear - Dual Spears arcane skill
  11. Tenen - Katana arcane skill
  12. Catastrophe Eraser - Two-handed Sword arcane skill


Sword Art Online: Dark Aincrad

Known Attempts

  • Shiota and Yuurei attempted this Hollow Mission together and barely managed to defeat Valnagia.
    • Obtained Nebular Empress and Twilight Resurrection
  • Shiota and Chelsea cleared this Hollow Mission in thirty minutes, the longest time.
    • Obtained Tenen
  • Yuurei and Rain team up and managed to clear this Hollow Mission in only four minutes, four seconds, the fastest time.
    • Obtained Shadow Explosion
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