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Starburst Stream
Sword Skill Info
Kanji スターバースト・ストリーム
Romaji Sutābāsuto Sutorīmu
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weapon Skill Dual Blades
Color Light blue
User(s) Kirito

Sword Skills are a set user-activated attacks that one has access by training a certain Weapon Skill, with each said Weapon Skill harboring a different list of Sword Skills. Skills are a level-based system in determining the efficacy of one's abilities, both combative and non-combative.
For Skills, use Skill Page Layout.

*Note: Introduction goes here. Include the name of the Sword Skill, number of hits, what Weapon Skill it represents, and what VRMMO(s) it hails from.


*Note: Describe what how the Sword Skill is activated, and list the sequence of the attacks performed by the skill. Also, remember that the number of hits is designated as how many strikes the weapon does, not how many actions are performed during the Sword Skill.


(Series title)

*Note: In what instances, in which stories was the Sword Skill used? What was it used against?

*Note: No need for a full blown chronology.


*Note: Fun facts about the skill: what inspiration did you take from the skill, etc

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===(Series title)===


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