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Featured Story

He panted heavily. It was raining in a downpour, the heat coming from within him unflinching in the face of the cold water falling all over. His sword felt like searing steel in his hands. He could see the blade's edge was chipped and fractured, worn out from the countless strikes it was forced to endure. His entire body felt heavy; exhausted from this battle, which had lasted for more than an hour now. However, neither he nor his opponent were finished yet. He raised his head, looking forward to his adversary. He was struggling to keep his composure as well; his usual calm demeanor worn down from the brutal fighting. Neither of the two were going to last much longer at this rate.

Yes. Their duel was nearly at an end.

His grip on his blade tightened, and biting his lip, he forced himself to stand up straight, enduring his body's cries and bringing his blade back up in front of him with both hands. He was truly miserable right now...Read More

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