This Series, Sword Art Online FATE Special ―Eternal Alterations―, is property of AndyLikeJapan96.

Sword Art Online FATE Special ―Eternal Alterations―

(ソードアート・オンラインFATEスペシャル: ―エターナルオールテレーションズ―)

Story Information
Author AndyLikeJapan96
Status In-progress

The Sword Art Online FATE Special ―Eternal Alterations― (ソードアート・オンラインFATEスペシャル: エターナルオールテレーションズ, Sōdo Āto Onrain FATE Supesharu: ―Taimu Ōruterēshonzu―) is an special fanfiction which created by AndyLikeJapan96.

Continuity and Placement


This story tells about there's something strange is about to happened and the Deathmaizer is the one who caused this crisis. The time has been altered and reset one after another when every one of them were killed or dying. However, everytime that time loop has been resets, the Deathmaizer itself grows stronger and stronger.


  1. Deathmatch and Reset
  2. An New Enemy


Main Characters

Forsaken Light

Eclipse  Andy Perkins
Dragon  Tendou Ryuu
Aqua  Mizusawa Reiji
Outrider  Fukuyama Rin



Ripper  Morikawa Yuuji
Lynx  Angelique Ortega
Ethel  Omar Mckenzie


Grim Reaver  Grim Reaver

Theme Song

Trivia & Notes

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