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Sword Art Online FATE


Story Information
Publish AndyLikeJapan96
Author AndyLikeJapan96
Cover Character(s) Andy Exeter and Kagami Shigure
Status On-going
Sequel Sword Art Online FATE II

The Sword Art Online FATE (ソード・アート・オンライン・FATE, Sōdo Āto Onrain FATE) is an fanfiction which written by AndyLikeJapan96.


Three years after the collapse of SAO, the story follows Andy Exeter, who have just recently moved to Japan to enlist himself to the Arcadia International School. Then, he's come across the VRMMO and taken interesting to try it and started with the Gun Gale Online first. With this, his story and adventures begins here.


Lost Memories Arc

  1. Showdown and Punish The Killer (Finale)
  2. Embracing The Vigilante (Epilogue)


This story / arc takes place right after the "Lost Memories Arc".

  1. VAHALLA Code: Shutdown Complete (Finale)
  2. Promise (Epilogue)

A New Journey Arc

This story / arc takes place in one year later after Andy Exeter/Extremer has sacrificed himself to shutdown and destroy VALHALLA Code for good but his sacrifice caused him into the coma with his own consciousness were trapped within the VRMMO network. After awakened from his coma, he decided to move on with his new life and started an new adventure in ALfheim Online with his new friends.

  1. Extremer Returns
  2. Extremer's Death
  3. The Power of Mugen

Side Stories & Specials


Main Characters

Support Characters

Canon Characters

Theme Songs

Opening Theme

  • Scarlet Savage by Kamen Rider Girls (Lost Memories Arc)
  • EXCITE by Daichi Miura (A New Journey Arc)
  • Fighter by KANA-BOON (Fate Online Arc)

Ending Theme

Insert Song


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